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This post comes to us from Lacy Gillette, former curatorial intern and current visitor services assistant supervisor.

Searching the Horizon: The Real American West 1830-1920 (Art from the Bank of America Collection) is on view in the McKernan Gallery until March 4, 2012 and has already drawn large crowds to the exhibition devoted to the American West, its landscape and its people. Divided into four thematic sections –  Settlement, Landscape, Native Americans, and Urbanization and Industry – the exhibition features over 100 artworks and objects to offer the viewer a range of interpretations of the American West. While the exhibition provides a rich historical account of the changing face of the American West, it is also elucidates the fact that painters’ and photographers’ portrayals of Western culture were often romanticized depictions of “a long-lost era” that influenced and reinforced “Eastern” perception of the people of the 19th and 20th century American West.


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