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The Elephant in the Room, 2010. Elana Herzog (b. 1954) Pencil, textile, metal staples, pushpins, etc. Collection of the artist

The current NEW/NOW exhibition features the unique installations and works on paper of Elana Herzog, a New York based installation artist. By attaching found textiles—often shredded bedspreads and other fabrics—to walls using thousands of judiciously placed metal staples, Elana Herzog creates patterns of color and form directly on the wall. She further dramatizes this process by ripping away some parts of the stapled textiles and leaving evidence of where the fasteners once were. Her work is part performance because the creative phase is punctuated by the ebb and flow of application and removal, addition and subtraction, creation and destruction. (more…)

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Roxy Paine on the Roof: Malestrom, 2009. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.

Installation art can be defined as an artistic genre of site-specific, three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space. Since the 1960s and 70s, this medium of artwork has evolved and manifested itself in museums and galleries as well as public and private spaces across the globe. While installation art was born out of more traditional practices of artwork, it has a completely different approach. Most paintings are presented as snapshots of life or a specific vision and are hung on a neutral wall. Conversely, installations take into account the viewer’s entire sensory experience and seek to create a complete environment that the viewer becomes a part of. (more…)

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Almost daily we hear about better ways of going “green” and it appears that the trend to be environmentally friendly has hit the art world to. Artists are now beginning to find a new medium to work with: recycled objects. Their inspirations are drawn from a wide variety of subject matter, such as classical imagery, models, ideals, or simply finding an aesthetic way to display “trash.”

Vollis Simpson, 91, is a self-taught artist who makes sculptures out of steel and aluminum. His sculptures, windmills, andwhirligigs are constructed of old fans, washing machine parts, or whatever he finds in the junkyard. However, Simpson has only recently become a full time artist. (more…)

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