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This post is brought to you by Anna Rogulina, Assistant Curator.

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of catching up with Kathleen Kolb and finding out a little more about what drives the art of this talented Vermont-based painter.

Kathleen Kolb Twilit House

Kathleen’s Twilit House (2013), Winner of Viewers’ Choice Award! Oil on panel, 18 x 24 in. Courtesy of the artist.

Anna Rogulina (AR): What first inspired you to become an artist? What compels you to make art?

Kathleen Kolb (KK): Two things come to mind: beauty and illusion.  I have always found beauty compelling and transfixing.  And what I’ve been compelled to do is to try to transfix my experience of beauty to share with others.  I’ve also found visual illusions delightful since I was young.  Once when I was 4 I woke up early on Sunday morning and was playing with my brothers before our parents got up.  We rearranged some small bookshelves and a table to create a little playhouse and were having a wonderful time.  Then I got the brilliant idea that if I drew pictures of my brothers on the backs of the bookshelves (facing out), (imaginary) passers-by would believe those were windows and that they were seeing my brothers inside!  This I commenced to do with the total belief that the illusion would be absolutely convincing!


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This post comes to us from Gina Ciralli, Curatorial Intern.

Self-Portrait, 2011. Nelson H. White (b.1932) Oil on canvas, 12” x 16”. Collection of the artist.

Nelson Holbrook White, contemporary realist and Connecticut native, has built his career on painting majestic landscapes.  Inspired by a life of travel, White is best known for his beach and shore oil paintings.  His survey exhibition, Scenic Spirit, is on view in the Davis gallery.

Born in New London, Connecticut in 1932 to a family of successful American artists, Nelson first studied art with his father, Nelson Cooke White (1900-1989), and grandfather, Henry Cooke White (1861-1952).  Carefully coached on aesthetics, young Nelson learned the significance of half-tones, which characterize the work his grandfather’s mentor, Dwight W. Tryon (1849-1925).  He was additionally introduced to an array of classical realists including R. H. Ives Gammell (1893-1981) and Richard Lack (1928-2009) through his family connections.  In 1954, a visit to Florence, Italy prompted a friendship and mentorship that would forever impact White’s emerging style.


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Places of the Heart #17, 2009. Prilla Smith Brackett (b. 1942). Oil and acrylic on board. Gift of the Artist, 2009.126.

The New Britain Museum of American Art is proud to announce two new acquisitions: Places of the Heart #17 by Prilla Smith Brackett and Summer View from Painter Hill Road byTom Yost.

A New England native who grew up in West Hartford, Prilla Smith Brackett has created multiple series of conceptual landscape paintings, prints, and drawings over the last 18 years. Many of her paintings, such as Places of the Heart #17, juxtapose old-growth forests with domestic furniture. This contrast between man and nature is central to her themes of uncertainty, narrative, and memory, which she explains in the following statement: (more…)

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