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1 squared, 2010. Arthur L. Carter (b.1931). Stainless steel, 36″ x 36″.

The New Britain Museum of American Art is pleased to host the exhibition of sculptural paintings by the artist Arthur L. Carter on view from September 30th to November 27th in the Davis Gallery. The title of the show, Orthogonals, refers to the property in mathematics – orthogonality – in which two vectors are perpendicular. A wonderful blend of art and mathematics, the rectangles, squares, triangles, and lines in Carter’s wall reliefs coexist and intersect in surprising ways to create an atmosphere that is both musical and harmonious.

Trained as a classical pianist, Carter produces art that can be described as a symphony of diverse and contrasting elements. Though an accomplished sculptor, he did not commit to the craft until 1990, having previously earned a living as a successful investment banker, entrepreneur, and publisher for a number of newspapers such as The Nation and The New York Observer. His propensity for order, which is evident in his business ventures (he has owned and operated more than a hundred industrial companies) and interest in graphic design during his publishing days, eventually manifested itself into a form of sculpture. Carter’s decision to adopt sculpture as his medium was inspired by a long standing interest in geometry and the organization of space and structure – elements he dealt with constantly as a newspaper publisher.


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Horizontal Brushstrokes, 2003. Sol LeWitt (1928-2007). Gouache on paper, 60½ x 60½ in. New Britain Museum of American Art, Gift of the Artist, 2003.14.

Sol LeWitt, the internationally renowned conceptual and minimalist artist, was born in Hartford, Connecticut, but lived and was  educated in New Britain. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in 1949. Before settling in New York, LeWitt served in the Korean War. He attended the School of Visual Arts and worked as a graphic designer at the firm of architect I.M. Pei (b. 1917). His artistic inspiration was also enhanced by the entry-level job that he held at the Museum of Modern Art. Over his lifetime, he was given three exhibitions at the New Britain Museum of American Art to which he donated 1,800 examples of his work. (more…)

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