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The acquisition by the Metropolitan Museum of Art of Thomas Hart Benton’s groundbreaking mural America Today has aroused new interest in Benton’s murals.  America Today was commissioned by the New School for Social Research in 1930.  Two years later, Gertrude Vanderbilt, who had seen America Today commissioned Benton to create a similar mural for the Whitney Museum titled The Arts of Life in America.

The tale of those two murals offers a tragi-comic history of benign neglect and changes in critical perception that would affect the prestige and desirability of Benton’s work.  Both works passed from fame to disregard and back to fame.


America Today: Changing West, 1930-31. Thomas Hart Benton (1889 – 1975). Egg tempera with oil glazing. Gift of AXA Equitable to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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